Hi. I love you.  How are you? "I miss you" is not just because I wasn't able to see you for how many days; also not because you're going somewhere far, but because of the reason I am MOSTLY AFRAID to tell you. I miss the "you" who excitedly wants to see me, who enthusiastically... Continue Reading →


Not Much of Your Time

When you're going through something, like finding it hard to breath, you're not okay physically or you're just having a bad day. Funny how another person would say, "Think of something else.", "Calm yourself.", when you really can't think of something else. You can't get it out of your mind immediately, like it would disappear... Continue Reading →

BLEPP 2016: A Roller Coaster Ride

WARNING: THIS IS QUITE LENGTHY SINCE I INCLUDED MY WHOOOOOOOOOOLE STORY. 🙂 When a Psych alumnae was about to take the board exam last 2015, she borrowed my Psychological Assessment book by Cohen & Schwerdik. That was the time when I first heard about BLEPP. When the results came out, I was overjoyed knowing that... Continue Reading →


You chose to be far. To be independent, depending on ones definition of independent. Lucky enough for those people who have relatives or extremely close people they know for their entire lives that are of the same place as them. But for those who do not? A typical “me-time” is necessary for those who experience... Continue Reading →

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